What We Believe:

  • In the only true and living God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • God is the creator of all that is known and unknown. All creation discloses God’s glory, power, wisdom, beauty, goods, and love
  • God gave us free will and when we abused that privilege, He sent His only Son, Jesus, who willingly took on the sins of the entire world and gave His life in forgiveness of all sin so that all who believe that He is the Son of God and repents of their sins will be saved to live in eternity with Him
  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God and offers the infallible rule of faith and practice and the guide for Christian living
  • God’s word is spoken in and through the Scriptures and should be understood in the light of the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth
  • God acts to heal the brokenness and alienation caused by sin beginning with Adam and Eve and to restore the human family to community through the reconciliation effected in Jesus Christ
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