Pastor Tom Clark

Pastor's Wife Melisa Clark

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Pastor Tom Clark

P: (706) 695-4773 (office) OR (706) 301-8397 (cell)

Church Elders

Our Church Elders are nominated by the Session and approved by the Congregation for a three year term.  Each Elder chairs a committee which is listed next to each name.  We welcome any and all congregation members to serve on any committees they choose.  Committee members are asked to contribute ideas, collaborate and work together to better our church, our members and our community.  

We love to see creative thinking and teamwork among our committees and committee members to achieve our goals of carrying out God's work here on this beautiful creation of God that we call Earth.  

Tony Matthews

Cemetery Committee

Term:  2024-2026

Betty Henry

Christian Education Committee

Term:  2023-2025

Jason Davenport

Maintenance Committee

Term:  2023-2026

Judy Redmond

Worship & Pastoral Care Committees

Term:  2023-2025

Zach Gibson

Youth Committee

Term:  2022-2024

Kevin Deverell

Missions Committee

Term:  2022-2024

Jennifer Palmer

Fellowship Committee

Term: 2024-2026

Chip Newsome

Library, Technology & History Committee

Term:  2022-2024